I jumped on a special that a friend mentioned and had 60-minute massage from Rachel at Relax Rogue Valley in Ashland.  A great experience overall – from the mellow soundtrack, the calm atmosphere, the scent of essential oils, and most importantly the massage itself!  Spent the rest of my day in a very relaxed state, and people noticed right off the bat afterwards.  I’d recommend a session – have already passed along a few referrals – and will go back again.
~ Jeff from Medford
Rachel was great!  Very professional, made me feel relaxed and check in with me to make sure the pressure with perfect.  Highly recommend!!!
I’ve had a few massages from others here in the valley but I keep coming back to Rachel. We like her so much our whole family goes to her!

She has an amazing touch, amazing technique and great energy. She somehow always finds the areas that need a little more attention, even when you didn’t realize they needed it. She has good consistent pressure and never digs into the muscle or skin. If you don’t like something she is quick to adjust and make things right. I always feel well rested and more relaxed after her massages. Do not hesitate going to Rachel at Relax Rogue Valley, you will not be disappointed!

Rachel is by far the BEST massage therapist I have ever gone to.  She has been my “go to person” for the last 3 years! She is very professional and she has the perfect balance in her technique…She isn’t rough like some massage therapist can be.
I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Rachel for years. She will modify her technique and amount of pressure based on what you need at the time.  Deep massage, working out those nasty knots, or just a welcomed relaxation and stress removing session – Rachel can do it all.  Both my husband and I appreciate her caring manner and her dedication to providing us with just what we need!
I love massage with Rachel! She is amazing at her profession. She makes you feel comfortable and listens to your specific needs.  I’ve been going to Rachel for over 5 years and she is by far the best. I’ve ever had! If you are looking for a true professional who also has the kindest spirit she’s the one! I don’t know what my back and shoulders would do without her.
Your body will love you for seeing her!
First Rachel asks if there are any spots you’re concerned about. Then she pays special attention and gets out all the knots. My back was tight and achy before my massage. Afterwards, I felt so relaxed! I’d go back to her again in a second. Problem is I’m based in L.A. Will see her next time I’m in Oregon for sure! Thanks Rachel for the relaxing ‘Me’ time!


While in town recently for a golf tournament, I reached out to Rachel for massages for our group.  The service was outstanding and every one in my group had fantastic things to say about the amazing massage.  I highly recommend!!


Thank you Rachel for all the healing massages that you’ve given me… your touch is truly not only healing, sensual but also magical! Thank you!!


Rachel is amazing!!  She takes the time to understand what you need and then delivers.  My neck and back have been a mess for years. Rachel really gets in there and loosens up the knots in just a way that leaves me relaxed after.  My husband just had his first massage with her last week and he’s hooked!



I highly recommend Rachel! She offers a unique set of services, and has healing hands and most importantly healing energy. She does body work on myself, my husband, and my daughter. To find someone great with kids, is only a bonus. Mobile massage from such a warm, caring person…treat yourself!

Tammy S. says: I always come out of a massage with Rachel feeling physically and spiritually refreshed.
What can I say – perfect 🙂
Paula K. says: I love Rachel !!! I didn’t think anyone was as good as an old friend – but I was wrong – she can do the deep work I need and I always feel great after and during – I had one experience that the therapist told me how to breathe and not to talk – – not a good appt and not seeing him again! I love that Rachel will chat with me if thats what I need and I can be quiet if thats what I need to. my last appt was filled with wonderful chat and laughs – and I felt great and for the first time in 2 months I was truly relaxed! ( I so need to come more then every couple of months!)
Jeffrey G. says: I don’t like going to male massage therapists but often have to because I’m over six foot five and can’t get the deep tissue work I need.Rachel is an excellent therapist who went directly to what was ailing me and fixed it. She has a fantastic spacious location and was totally professional.
Been going to her for a long time now
David W. says: Always finds those trouble spots and brings relief. Prices are fair. I’ve been to a few in the valley, but she is far and away the best.
Whoa… wotta massage!
Bill D. says: My sibling talked about Rachel and recommended her. I also met her at my work – Rachel makes her rounds at my work. She immediately impressed me with her arm massage. It took me a while to find her business card – but I found it. My first session went better than I thought. So I am coming back.
Cindy A. says: Soothing, effective, healing, comfortable, and pampered – I’ll be back regularly
Sheya R. says: Perfect massage. Rachel knew all the spots n worked them well. I left her studio feeling incredibly relaxed n loose.
Great! Very Personable
David H. says: Rachel knows just what you need, she can quickly identify those sensitive areas and work them out. The conversation is great and the atmosphere is nothing to disappoint. Would definitely recommend to everyone!
Perfect Touch!
Elizabeth D. says: I used to have a massage once a month, but that ended years ago as I could never find anyone that I felt the same amount of ease. Well, that search ended with my first appointment with Rachel. She listened to my answers when she asked questions and paid attention to where my tense spots were hiding. I left relaxed and that feeling carried on through the next few days.
Relaxing Massage
Hazel C. says: Rachel knew exactly how to work out the stress points in my body. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Her attention to the areas that were in a state of stress helped it to melt away and bring me a sense of peace. Light relaxing atmosphere and massage!
Relaxing and healing…
Douglas Y. says: I’ve been carrying too much tension due to increased stresses in my life. Rachel helped me find where I’m holding it in my body and start to let it go. I’ve still got a lot of work to do to become a fully relaxed human being again, but we’ve made a great start. One thing I have to remember when I schedule my next appointment: Ask for no fragrances. Rachel had set up what most people I know would find an extremely comfortable room with lavender, chamomile and lemongrass atomizing into the air, but I’m sensitive to most floral fragrances, even as mild as that. Luckily, it dissipated quickly, and she could accommodate further with unscented massage oils. I’m looking forward to more frequent massages after this experience!
Absolutely Awesome!
Roxanne S. says: Rachel is definitely a professional and a master of her trade. She really listened to my needs and concentrated on my problem areas. She has great energy and is a true healer. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for excellent massage therapy.
Liz S. says: Wonderful massage, as usual. Rachel is a pro, and has a healing presence in addition to great hands!
Top notch!
Vicki P. says: Rachel is a season-pro. I am delighted to find her here in Ashland and give her my highest recommendations.
Wonderful Prenatal Massage!
Melissa O. says: Rachel is a very attentive and skilled massage therapist, I plan on continuing to use her throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend her for a prenatal massage!

Feb 1, 2012
Rachel gave me an excellent massage. She knew all the spots I needed work on and her hands and heart were magical.

Jan 31, 2012
I loved my session with Rachel! She creates a warm and inviting environment and I was able to deeply relax into her loving hands. I came away feeling like I had been given more than just a massage. I highly recommend her. Mira Sophia

I recommend Rachel without reservation if your body needs some attention. Her hands intuitive found all the knots in my back and expertly massaged them into nothingness. I found her to be genuinely caring and dedicated to my experience being the best possible. Do yourself a favor next time you want a massage and book one with Rachel.

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